A nurturing hub for artists, writers, curators and freelance arts workers where knowledge is disseminated transparently and support and mentoring in career developments is available. The aim is to offer a source of demystified information, including seminars, workshops, grant application review, and links to industry providers.

Organised and run by Grace Slonim, MA (Curatorial Studies), The University of Melbourne. Currently a PhD candidate at Monash University.

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Arts Hub

︎Grant and opportunity directory (membership required/ students can sign up for free) 


︎ Grants and opoprtuntiies
︎ List of industry opportunities (membership required to access content)

Creative Partnerships

︎ The Australian Cultural Fund (for Australian artists).
︎ MATCH LAB (dollar-for-dollar matched funding)

[AP] People

Grace Slonim

I bring extensive funding and industry experience to this service, enriched by my PhD research into the Australian funding landscape. My desire is to help artists survive in a precarious funding landscape. The development of this hub is directed by this motive.