[AP] understands that the service offered by many postgraduate supervisors falls short of expectations. Collectively, [AP] brings a diverse reservoir of theoretical and methodological knowledge, alongside a strong and successful record of graduate completions. Postgraduate study should be an exciting experience of growth and awareness, and the candidate-advisor relationship is central to this.

Our ethos is to be adaptable to individual students’ personalities and ways of working. And rather than overlaying rigid rules onto the thesis design, we advise on how the conceptual elements of the practice and/or the theoretical concerns of the project can be brought together successfully for examination. This means balancing rigour, inquiry and experimentation with different university requirements and expectations, with the examiners and examination process always in sight.

An hourly fee is negotiated between the advisor and candidate.

Dr Jan Bryant

To date, I have successfully supervised to completion (39) PhDs, MAs and MFAs and advised on many more. This includes full thesis and practice-based projects across a diverse range of media and methodologies.

Sound supervision and graduate advice is a craft that I am proud to have honed over the past 20 years of working in universities. I specialise in art theory, literature, philosophy, and politics, with an affinity for studio-based practices. To ensure that my thinking is current, I research, write and publish regularly in this field.



—”Attentiveness”, Text to accompany Naomi Eller, Index of Transformation, Caves Gallery, Swanston Street, Naarm. 

—[Forthcoming] “Violence and the Body” Book chapter.


—” Review, Susan Jacobs: The Ants are in the Idiom”, Buxton Contemporary, Art in Australia

— Essay to accompny Eleanor Butt’s exhibition, But Never Have I loved Life So Much, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, 2022.

— “Barbara Tuck’s Picture World”, for the 2022 exhibition, Delirium Crossing.

— Profile of Berlin-based artist, Sam Rountree Williams, Commissioned by Goethe,


—“With Being Nothing 2021”, essay to accompany Laresa Kosloff, New Futures TM, Sutton Gallery


—“Wiþstandan (Afterword)”, Kin: Jahnne Pascoe-White, Art Link and Unlikely Publishing, Melbourne,

—“Encounters”, Fiona Conner +1 310 951 9459, published by July 20th, Glendale, Los Angeles, California


Art Making in the Age of Global Capitalism: Visual Practices, Politics, Philosophy, University of Edinburgh Press, UK, monograph, authored book.

— “Bir Tawil طويل†بئر†: The politics of the Image”, Angela Brennan, 3-Ply Melbourne
—“Art and failure: of things perfecting and corrupting metallick bodies”, The Shape of Things to Come, Buxton Contemporary, University of Melbourne 

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Julia McInerney (2023), film and installation
Kristina Tsoulis-Reay (2023),  painter
Augusta Vinell Richardson (2022), sculptural practice
Jahnne Pasco-White (2022), painter
Dell Stewart, MFA (2022), artist/installation/curator
Emily Cormack, PhD (2021), curator
Clare Longely MFA (2021), painter
Julia Lomas, PhD (2021), art theory/history
Gwynneth Porter, PhD (2021), theory/fiction/museums
Ursula de Leeuw, MA (2020), art theory & philosophy
Arlo Mountford PhD (2020), installation/video artist
Victoria Lynn, PhD (2020), curator
Angela Brennan, PhD, (2019), painter
Jacquie Shelton, PhD (2019), creative writing & performance artist 
Briony Galligan, MFA (2019), performance/installation artist
Dylan Rainforth, MA (2018), art & video theory 
Fiona Williams, MFA (2018), painter
Erin Crouch, MFA (2018), film & video artist
Kate Beynon, PhD (2017), painting/installation artist 
Sophia Cole, MFA (2017), activist & performance artist
Siew Poh Phung, PhD (2016), computer graphics designer
Nicholas Mangan, PhD (2015), installation & video artist
Andrew Denton, PhD (2015), Filmmaker & Installation artist
Deborah Ostrow, PhD (2015), Conceptual and Video Artist
Ry Haskings, PhD (2015), Installation/Sculptural practice 
Steven Rendell, PhD (2015), Painter
Helen Johnson, PhD (2014), Painter
Steven Sinn, MA (2013), Philosophy & art
Jill Orr, PhD (2013), Performance Artist
Megan Kelly, PhD (2012), Designer 
Rob Hely, PhD (2012), Designer
Rob Mcleish, MFA (2011), Installation Artist

The University of Auckland, NZ

Nuala Gregory, PhD (2015), Painter & Printmaker 
Jaenine Parkinson, MA (2009), Digital Art
Katrina Ward, MA (2008), Philosophy & Art

AUT University, Auckland, NZ

Jennifer Nikolai, PhD (2015), Dancer/Dance and Digital Theory
Mark Hanlen, PhD (2012), Foucault, Governmentality & urban space
Andreas Mikellis MFA (2009), Fashion Designer